Tristan Da Cunha: The World’s Remotest Island

Tristan da Cunha island

I didn’t know about Tristan da Cunha until my friend Marc told me about it. Before he met me, he was working as a mechanical engineer on the island. It’s not just any island; it’s the remotest island in the world.

Tristan da Cunha, which is part of the British overseas territory in the South Atlantic, is home to around 260 people. Its small community consists of British citizens and expatriates. Some of its residents are currently working overseas.

The remote volcano-active island is located about 2,100 km to the south of St. Helena. When Marc told me about the island, I wasn’t just impressed by how remote it really is, but also by the way its inhabitants live their lives there. I wanted to know more about the island and its people. Thus I interviewed Marc about his experience there. He spent nearly 2 years on the island.


Life in Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha
Welcome to the remotest island! Photo credit: Marc Escudier

According to Marc, life in Tristan da Cunha was amazing. If he could go back there again, he would. Despite being in a small community, the locals of the island are always keeping themselves (and everybody else) busy with their daily routines and local events. There’s always someone throwing a birthday party, anniversary and so on. And everyone is always welcomed to join!

Marc said he didn’t find living there boring. Instead, he felt joy and happiness whenever he did things with the rest of the community. And since it’s a small community, it feels more like a family to him. Of course, even in a small community, fights do happen. But at the end of the day, the spirit of living as a community always brings people together.

And like many parts of the world, the community celebrates yearly events like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and many more. Marc celebrated his 28th birthday there. He was surprised to receive presents from the local people. In fact, almost all of them brought him presents!

Listening to his stories made me feel like visiting the island in the nearest future. If I decide to visit the island, I have to be prepared for it. The journey is going to be long. According to Marc, the island is only accessible by sea. And the journey could take up to 7 days! Travellers who are keen to go there are advised to be flexible with their travel dates. Since the island is the world’s remotest island, ships don’t go there very often. It’s hard to tell when the next ship is going to arrive, or leave.

You can watch Marc’s interview here:

The island is also home to some of the rarest wildlife. It’s a breeding place for wild animals such as seals and seabirds. You’ll likely come across Albatrosses and Rockhopper penguins during your visit to the island. Of course, you’ll need to be willing to spend your day outside in order to see them. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to see whales whose tails are often seen out of the water for several minutes from the Tristan Settlement.

Cute penguin in Tristan da Cunha
Check out this cute lil guy! Photo credit: Marc Escudier

During Marc’s stay on the island, he and his crew produced a “Happy” video for the community of Tristan da Cunha. Everyone seemed so happy. In reality, they are just as happy as they were in the video!

I personally think the line from the animation Moana that says “You can find happiness right where you are.” truly reflects the simple, beautiful life of the people in Tristan da Cunha.

What’s Tristan da Cunha currently up to? Visit to catch up with their latest updates.

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