Jakarta Hotel Review: 1 Night in DeGreen Inn Guest House

DeGreen Inn guest house in Jakarta

During my trip to Jakarta in November 2016, I checked into a budget guest house called DeGreen Inn Guesthouse in West Jakarta. I discovered the accommodation through the Traveloka app. The guesthouse is situated in Jalan Keamanan, a small street just next to the Grand Paragon mall.

Overall, I think my stay at the guesthouse was alright. It was neither good nor bad. I’ll tell you more about it in this article. Keep reading.

About DeGreen Inn 

Located in Jalan Keamanan, DeGreen Guest House sits close to Plaza Glodok shopping center and the Stasiun KRL Jayakarta. The guest house is especially great for budget travellers as it’s comfortable and affordable.

The front desk is available 24 hours, making check-in and check-out easier at any time. The guest house also offers its guests with strong WiFi that can be enjoyed within the hotel. Perhaps this is a good spot for digital nomads.

Note: A deposit of Rp.50,000 is required upon check-in.

Getting there

I was looking for a place to crash in for the night and I thought DeGreen Inn Guest house was good enough for a one-night stay. The guest house was rather secluded. Finding it wasn’t easy. My taxi driver, unsurprisingly, got lost.

There was an exit on my left which was supposed to lead us to the guest house. But my taxi driver missed it. Therefore, he had to drive further until he found the street that brought us back to Jalan Keamanan.

Then, I realised that I could’ve just gone down at the Grand Paragon mall and walked to the guesthouse.

So, if you’re going to stay at DeGreen Inn Guesthouse:

  • Search for Grand Paragon and look for Jalan Keamanan, which is basically on the left hand side of the mall.
  • Once you’re already in Jalan Keamanan, pay attention to your right hand side. You’ll spot the 2-star accommodation signage.

Address: Jalan Keamanan No.16, Keagungan, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11130, Indonesia

My hotel experience

I booked a Superior room that can accommodate 2 people. It was affordable and only cost Rp. 185,000 — which was equivalent to about RM59. No breakfast was included.

Upon check-in,  was asked to pass my passport so the receptionist can fill out my details. Unlike in Vietnam, travellers’ passports are usually kept at the reception. The guest house’s Internet coverage was pretty good. I rested in my room for a while and stream Youtube videos smoothly.

The room I got was on the second floor. I had to take the stairs because the lift was not working. It’s okay. Going up the stairs was basically my exercise for the night! Once I got into my room, I explored everything I found in the room. I found some basic amenities, such as body soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The room came with two complimentary water bottles, a bed, a mini fridge, a small TV, aircond, a big mirror, a huge cupboard, a hanger, an extra pillow, and a telephone for room service.

The funny thing was I couldn’t find any toilet paper. By far, DeGreen Inn guest house was the only accommodation I’ve been that didn’t provide toilet papers. There was no bathing towels provided either.

DeGreen Inn guest house in Jakarta

Let me repeat this: There were two complimentary water bottles, a bed, a mini fridge, a small TV, aircond, a big mirror, a huge cupboard, a hanger, an extra pillow, and a telephone for room service. But where was the toilet paper?

Not that I really needed it, but for some people it’s an important and the most basic thing any hotel should have. Just saying.

Two charging plugs were available for me to charge my gadgets. Thank goodness.

Despite the missing toilet paper and bathing towels (which weren’t that necessary since it’s common for budget hotels to not provide towels), I thought the guest house was alright. For the price I paid, I couldn’t complain much.

For a 2-star accommodation like that, one should not expect too much from it. I should bring my own toilet paper (or tissues) and bathing towel next time. Previously, I had stayed in a 2-star hotel for more or less the same price. But the hotel had, at least, provided me with toilet papers and bathing towels.


  • As hotel standards are different in different countries, don’t assume or expect all hotels/guest houses are the same and will give you the same kind of treatment or experience.
  •  In countries where hotel prices are much higher, there are higher chances that you might not even get the same kind of amenities that you can enjoy in cheaper countries. So, always CHECK the hotel details and descriptions before placing your reservation.

The DeGreen Inn guest house is very close to the Grand Paragon mall. It’s just a stone’s throw away. It took me only 5 minutes to get to the mall from the guest house. Along the way, a line of rickshaws were parked on the roadside. I heard voices calling me. The rickshaw drivers didn’t want to leave me alone. I can’t blame them for that. They were just trying to make money after all. Later, I had to go up the stairs again to get back to my room. There was a very odd smell along the stairs, though.

DeGreen Inn guest house

I love spacious bathrooms. But the guest house’s bathroom was very small. For me, it was not a big deal. But bigger folks might find it claustrophobic. The hotel was fairly quiet although not for long. My next door neighbour had a visitor who couldn’t stop knocking on his door. Well, I didn’t care who she was, and I was too tired to tell her to keep her voice down. Regardless of all the noise, I still had a good sleep.

My overall experience

Overall, I had a good night at the DeGreen Inn guest house. For a budget hotel, it was alright. It was still worth my money. I told my friend about the missing toilet paper. He suggested that maybe the guest house accidentally forgot to leave a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. That’s possible.  

If I had to rate my level of satisfaction, I’d say 3 ½ out of 5. If you ask me if I would stay there again, I’d say “Yes, why not?”

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