12 Reasons Why It’s Important to Love Yourself

12 Reasons Why It’s Important to Love Yourself

There were times when I got all depressed whenever things got rough. I even came to a point where I started hating and pitying myself. There were also times when I felt like there were no more reasons to continue living. How absurd.

Fortunately, those days are gone and I no longer allow such toxic thoughts and self-blaming habit influence me. It took me many years to realise that in order to be happy, I must love myself first.

It’s true that in order to love others, we must learn to love ourselves first. Whenever the negative voices in my head tell me that life is not worth living, I’ll tell myself these:

  1. You play an important role in the lives of those who love and appreciate you.
  2. No one can ever take your place as you, and there’s no need to be someone else because no matter what you achieve, or no matter how far you go in life, you’ll live the rest of your life as YOU.
  3. You shouldn’t fully base your happiness on others. Look deeper into yourself and you’ll find happiness inside of you.
  4. While many people come in and out of your life, the only person who stays in your life journey is you.
  5. People who love themselves are tough, positive and happy people.
  6. Your body is a temple. True happiness comes from within.
  7. Remember, self-love helps you appreciate yourself.
  8. When you love yourself, you’ll learn to be more independent, and you’ll also realise that being alone does not always mean being lonely.
  9. You have a best friend who never leaves you in both good and bad times: you!
  10. You can make better decisions in life when you’re absolutely happy with yourself.
  11. You will build high confidence and self-esteem.
  12. When you love yourself, you attract people who will also love you.

You see, life is hard; but no matter how tough it gets, you know you’re going to be alright because you’re strong enough to overcome all the challenges ahead of you. This can only be achieved when you love yourself and your life. As the saying goes “Love conquers all.”

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