A Pleasant Stay at Hon En Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Hon En Hotel

Although I should have stayed in Pham Ngu Lao with the other backpackers, I still enjoyed my stay in this hotel. When I arrived for the first time, I was greeted well by the receptionist. Everyone seemed to be very helpful although they did not speak much English. Overcoming the language barrier was very tough indeed, but I managed to explain to them what I needed. Even though the staffs couldn’t really speak English very well, they tried their best to understand and assist me with all my needs.

The location is not as what I had expected. It is not very close to the city centre! I had to take a taxi to get to the city centre every day. It was very stressful for me as I was travelling alone and so I had to bear the to-and-fro taxi charges. Most of the taxi drivers tried to cheat me. I had to always fight for my rights whenever they tried to do so. The hotel, however, is very close to the airport. Therefore, it is definitely a great place to spend your last night in Saigon before you leave for the airport the day after.

Hon En Hotel

There is a restaurant next to the hotel. According to the waitress, the restaurant is part of the hotel. In other words, it belongs to the hotel. The hotel also offers massage services. I did not try any. I think it’s on the 2nd floor. My room was on the 6th floor. The room was clean and neat. Everything was perfect and I couldn’t ask for more. I loved it! The atmosphere was pleasant – not much noise.

If I do come over to Saigon again, I would stay here again but only on my last night in the city. Overall, I loved it.

p/s they have excellent choices of TV programmes 😀

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