About Me

Liszt The Walking Writer


I’m Liszt, or also known as Liszt Cesc Franz. But my first name is Francesca.

The story behind the name Liszt? My middle name is Elizabeth.

What’s with the spelling? I’m a big fan of Franz Liszt.

One thing Franz Liszt and I share in common: We play the piano.

What makes Franz Liszt and I different? I can’t play as good as Franz Liszt, but MAYBE I’m a better singer than he was! 

Just other travellers I know, I love travelling. And I started my journey as a broke traveller. It didn’t stop me from doing what I love.

I like to travel slow. I don’t like to rush. I am not counting countries. And I don’t have a bucket list yet.

I don’t plan my travels from A-Z, so I don’t always know where I’ll go, or what I’ll be doing next. But if our fates cross, let’s meet up!

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See you somewhere on the planet!

*Apart from travel, I also blog about people, perspectives and lifestyle.