10th Anniversary: The Royal Floria Putrajaya 2018

The Royal Floria Putrajaya 2018

On the 31st of August 2018, my friends and I attended the 10th anniversary of the Royal Floria Putrajaya. The event was held from the 25th of August to the 2nd of September 2018 at Anjung Floria event centre, Precint 4, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

My friends and I thought it was a good day to meet up and spend time together as it was a public holiday in conjunction with Malaysia’s independence day. We bought online tickets for just RM12 — they’re cheaper than walk-in tickets.

There were just three of us: Jesseca, Johnny and I. It would’ve been nice to have more friends with us, but some of them had gone back to their hometown for the long holiday.

Exploring the Royal Floria Putrajaya

The Royal Floria Putrajaya is Malaysia’s largest flower and garden festival. It is a yearly event and is suitable for everyone, especially families with young children.

This year’s highlights were: entrance statement, wonder garden, royal garden, miniature garden, fertigation garden and international dialogue.

There were thousands of flowers and plants sold there. Some of the flowers we saw were Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Rose, Heliconia and Orchid.

Flowers at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Beautiful Blooms at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Blooms at Floria Putrajaya 2018

There are also many different types of plants there. We saw all kinds of cactus for sale. They were so cute!

Cactus at Floria Putrajaya

Plants at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Since the venue of the event was huge, we took a long time hoping from one stall to another. There was just so much to see! We saw flowers and plants selling from as low as RM15.

Beautiful Plants at Floria Putrajaya

After just 30 minutes of being there, we became hungry. So we went to an indoor food court where we saw many stalls selling all kinds of food and beverages. We bought steamed groundnuts, ayam goreng kunyit, char kuey teow and fruit juices. Food was slightly more expensive than usual— that was expected. At least everything we ate was good.

A pizza seller working hard at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Warm groundnuts at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Apart from flowers and plants, we also saw a lot of honey for sale.

A man selling honey at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Honey bottles sold at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Then we walked into an indoor space where we saw many beautiful bonsai plants, wood and flower decorations crafted by talented people from all around Malaysia and the world.

Bonsai at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Beautiful Bonsai Plant at Floria Putrajaya 2018

This wood looks like a lizard

A unique wood at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Hammer-like wood at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Bird Eggs at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Floria Putrajaya Art

Since we came in the evening, there were fewer people at the event. I believed it was way more crowded during the day.

Sunset at Floria Putrajaya 2018

I’m glad we were there in the evening, just on time to catch the sunset. At night, we took some photos by the lake.

Sunset at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Night View at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Putrajaya Lake

A swing at Floria Putrajaya 2018

And we continued to explore the area and see more flowers…

My Friends at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Floria Putrajaya 2018 at Night

A Plant at Floria Putrajaya 2018

Camouflage at Floria Putrajaya

Floria Putrajaya Carpet Grass

Floria Putrajaya Flowers

At about 9pm, we stopped by one of the big tents to watch a singing show by a group of local musicians. They performed both Malay and English songs. It was quite entertaining.

We did not stay very long as we were already thirsty. We went around looking for drinks after that.

By the time we got our drinks, it was already about 10pm. We decided that it was time for us to leave. Just before we left the event, Jesseca dropped by one of the outdoor stalls to buy a chili tree.

Chili Tree from Floria Putrajaya 2018

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves at this year’s Royal Floria Putrajaya. Perhaps we’ll go there again, but in the morning.

Floria Putrajaya 2018

The event is held once a year. If you couldn’t make it this year, there’s always next year!

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