Jakarta Hotel Review: 1 Night in Bold Hotel Jakarta

Bold Hotel Jakarta

If you’re looking for a nice, cozy boutique hotel in Jakarta, I recommend you to check out Bold Hotel Jakarta. From my point of view, it’s a wonderful hotel with friendly staff and promises of a pleasant stay. Read on for more details.

About Bold Hotel Jakarta

Bold Hotel Jakarta

Located in the lively Mangga Besar locality of West Jakarta, this 2-star hotel makes a great choice for budget travellers who don’t mind paying a little extra for some extra perks. The hotel’s 14-km distance from the Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport is not its only USP, though.

Bustling night markets, exciting souvenir shops, and an array of shopping malls, not to mention two KRL stations (Jayakarta and Sawah Besar), are all in close proximity with this hotel.

Note: A deposit of Rp.80,000 is required upon check-in.

Getting there

Getting there is a little tricky as it requires some patience and  That’s because the hotel’s signage is not easily visible in plain sight as it’s somewhat lacking in the size department. However, locating the street as stated in its address is a good start.

That’s right; all you need to do is look for street no.8 in Jalan Mangga Besar.

Once you’ve found it, keep your eyes wide opened for BOLD HOTEL JAKARTA. This should be easy, because Jalan Mangga Besar tends to be jammed most of the time, which means you’ll have plenty of time to look for the seemingly invisible signage while you’re stuck in traffic!

Address: Jalan Mangga Besar 8 No. 9B-9C, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia, 11150

My hotel experience

As mentioned earlier, Bold Hotel Jakarta is a pleasant hotel. I totally recommend it to everyone. Why not? The hotel receptionist was friendly and helpful, and the room I got (whose walls are painted in apple green) was also pretty decent. The facilities provided were also good. I got a comfy queen-sized bed, a writing table, a safe, a small TV, aircond, a mirror, two small pillows, and two head pillows.

Bold Hotel Jakarta Room

Amenities such as toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, two towels, tissues, and a feet towel, were also provided. The Wi-Fi connection was satisfactory. I could stream Youtube videos happily.

Furthermore, the hotel also gave me a lovely souvenir. All I needed to do in order to get the souvenir was post a photo of me at Bold Hotel Jakarta on Instagram, with a hashtag #boldhoteljakarta.

Souvenir from Bold Hotel Jakarta

My overall experience

Overall, I had a pleasant stay at the Bold Hotel Jakarta. For the price I paid (which was RM79.06/night for a deluxe queen bed with no window), it was to totally worth it. If I had to rate my level of satisfaction, I’d say 4 ½ out of 5, and if you ask me if I would stay there again, I’d say “Yes”, no doubt about that.

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