Malaysia Hotel Review: One Night in One World Hotel, PJ

One World Hotel PJ

After I returned from a business trip in Jakarta, all I needed was a good rest. I wanted to go somewhere nice and quiet to relax.

Eventually I booked a room at the One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I heard that it was a nice 5-star hotel that offered high-quality service and hospitality. So I took my chances and paid for a one night stay in the hotel.

About One World Hotel, PJ

One World Hotel PJ

It is a 5-star hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, which offers the highest service (as mentioned on the booking page) and extensive facilities to all its guests. The hotel provides a fitness centre and high-quality spa treatment for those who wish to rejuvenate themselves.

The hotel also has a few dining places where guests can enjoy its special cuisines. Every occupant is given a complimentary breakfast and access to the hotel’s fast-speed WiFi which is available everywhere in the hotel.

Other facilities: ATM, air-conditioner, cable TV, carpark, money changer, coffee house, lift, escalator, golf course, hairdryer, luggage storage, minibar, in-room safe, tennis court, swimming pool and more.

Getting there: It is only 7.94 km away from the Subang Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah). To get to the hotel, take a taxi, bus, train or a private car (Uber or GrabCar).

Hotel Booking

I booked my hotel using the Traveloka App. The hotel rooms at One World Hotel usually cost about RM400 per night. But if you book a room using the Traveloka App, you can get the Traveloka member deal rate.

At that time the hotel room was priced for only RM380. I managed to get it for a much lower price using the Traveloka coupon code which I got from their latest promotion. Overall, I only paid RM310! I saved more than a RM100 through Traveloka.

My Hotel Voucher

I was a little bit disappointed when I was informed that the hotel’s WiFi was not included in my voucher. I still don’t understand why.

My Experience at the Hotel

The whole experience wasn’t bad. I tried to enjoy as much as I could while I was there. It was such a shame that the swimming pool was temporarily closed. I didn’t have the chance to jump into the water.

One World Hotel PJ

The receptionist was very warm and friendly. I was surprised when he told me that there was WiFi in the room because it was clearly stated on my hotel voucher that WiFi was not included. Yay!

Twin Superior Hotel Room

I loved my hotel room. It was a Twin Superior that could accommodate two people. I invited my best friend Gaby to join me. The beds were big and comfortable, and the bathroom was clean and spacious. The bathroom had a nice bathtub and a sliding door, but I didn’t know how to lock it. Mirrors, on the other hand, were everywhere in the bathroom.

One World Hotel PJ

Everything in my room was neatly organised. Fruits were also provided for dessert. Although the cable TV provided us with many channels to enjoy, we spent most of our time watching CNN. There was also some calming spa instrumental music automatically playing on the TV.

One World Hotel PJ

At night, Gaby and I went to the Sphere where we had some beers, a bottle of red wine and a whisky. It was also where we had our afternoon tea earlier. The Sphere is a perfect spot for social gatherings and casual business meetings. I really loved its modern interior design and cosy atmosphere. Lovely! The live band that performed that night was entertaining too. The staff was also helpful and friendly.

The Sphere One World Hotel PJ

The spa and massage centre were on the 5th floor. I didn’t try any of the treatments offered as the prices were just outside of my budget and I also didn’t think it was necessary either because the One Utama Shopping Mall was just next door! I could simply walk to the mall and get a massage for a much cheaper price.

We had our breakfast at the Cinnamon Coffee House. There were a lot of delicious dishes offered. I didn’t eat much though. Overall, I thought the breakfast buffet was alright. Not bad.

The hotel’s public bathrooms were clean and spacious too. But here’s an unforgettable experience I had in one of them:

I entered an individual bathroom that was occupied by someone else earlier on. I noticed that the floor was quite wet and flooded. Whoa, that’s definitely not common (and usually unacceptable) in luxurious hotels. Nevertheless, I still went in and did what I needed to do. After I came out of the bathroom, the bathroom attendant got angry. She was upset because the bathroom was slightly wet and flooded. She grumbled as she wiped and cleaned the floor.

I thought her complaints were really unnecessary. And her behaviour made me wonder if One World Hotel was really worth those 5-stars. Whatever the situation was, she should have not shown her anger in front of any guests.

Disappointed with hotel staff

My Overall Experience

I had a good experience at the One World Hotel. I enjoyed my time there despite the unfriendliness and rudeness of some of its staff.

If I ever come back again for the second time, it will have to be for a business trip or a sponsored trip. I seriously don’t think I will pay for a hotel room there again. At least not with my hard-earned money.

And of course when I get the chance to spend a night there again, I would like to jump into the pool which I never get to enjoy. 

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