Must Visit KL Attraction: Batu Caves

Batu Caves

After so many years of wanting to visit Batu Caves, I finally made it this time – thanks to Corina, a friend of mine from Travbuddy – if it wasn’t for her, I might not visit Batu Caves this year. I had made so many plans to visit this tourist attraction, but they were all cancelled because I had to work most of the time. I took a day off; it was worth it.

Getting here is easy. The destination is accessible by train. From KL Central, take the KTM to Batu Caves. The ticket from KL Central to Batu Caves will cost RM1 per person. However, the ticket from Batu Caves to KL Central will cost RM2 per person. Corina and I had to wait for about 15 minutes before we got into the train. The train is in good condition since it is still new. There were less people on the train as most people were still at work – We went to Batu Caves on Tuesday morning after all.

There is a small gate that leads us to our destination. As we walked out of it, there were some women selling bracelets and anklets. One of them was persuading me to buy one for RM20, but I finally bought one at just RM10. I didn’t plan to buy anything, but I thought of making someone’s day by buying something. Well, I did eventually. There are shops selling food and beverages. I recommend you to get a bottle of mineral water or energy drink before you go up the stairs that will lead you to the Temple Cave. There are 3 caves that make up Batu Caves; Temple cave, Art Gallery cave and Museum cave.

Batu Caves, KL
Beware of monkeys as they are everywhere. They will try to steal your belongings if they have the chance. I saw two individuals fighting over their belongings with the monkeys. A monkey tried to steal my camera as well as my ice-cream. There is a 50-foot tall “Hanuman” statue and a temple dedicated to Hanuman, the noble monkey devotee of Lord Rama. Walk up the 272-step stairway carefully. I hate it when the monkeys suddenly appeared right in front of me. I actually screamed and got stared by the other visitors; how embarrassing. The walk was so tiring and I can feel my thighs burning from the inside. Do not rush when going up the stairs. When going down the stairs, do it slowly as the steps are quite steep.

Monkeys at Batu Caves
Likewise, do not feed the monkeys. They’ll follow you if you do. Some can be quite aggressive when feeling threaten. Visiting the temple cave is free. Before reaching the peak of the stairs, you’ll notice another exit on your left that will lead you to the “Dark cave”. There is an entrance fee for this visit. If you have never been into a dark cave, you might as well make this as your first time. If you’re not into this sort of adventure, the temple cave is a better option as it is bright and filled with tourists.

Overall, visiting Batu Caves was very enjoyable. It is more fun during Thaipusam, a religious event that gathers Hindus from different countries, such as from Malaysia, Singapore, India and India.

That’s me and Corina:

Going to Batu Caves

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