Sanhak Guest House: Good Value for Money for Tourists Travelling in the Centre of Laos

Sanhak Guest House

The best accommodation I stayed in Laos was the Sanhak guest house in Khammouane, a province in Laos which is located in the centre of the country. In terms of room pricing, I think it was totally worth the value. My private bedroom only cost 50,000 LAK per night; that’s the same price I paid for most of the guest houses I stayed in the country that weren’t as good.

If you happen to stop by Khammouane, consider staying at the Sanhak guest house. I liked that guest house a lot. Maybe you’ll like it, too. You can find the lovely guest house in Ban Nahin-Nai.

Please bear in mind that Sanhak guest house is a 1-star hotel. Even so, it offers decent hospitality and amenities (for a budget guest house), and is about as good as most 3-star guest houses available around Southeast Asia.

What you’ll be getting from your stay


Good news for those who can’t go a day without WI-FI: The hotel has WI-FI! Don’t put your hopes too high, though. Sometimes the Wi-FI works, sometimes it doesn’t. When I was there, the internet connection was alright although not always great.


There’s a restaurant at the guest house where guests can get together, go online and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I only dined in the restaurant for tea time. On the other hand, my travel buddy had lunch there. Just once. He wasn’t very pleased with his food as he didn’t find it delicious. At least I thought the finger food served at the restaurant were tasty. I heard their brownies are good. I never tried them, though.

Although the kitchen wasn’t hasty in preparing my orders, I had no problem waiting. The pretty scenery outside the restaurant was enough to compensate me for the long wait.

I went to another guest house for lunch and dinner. I cannot recall the name of the guest house, but the food there was slightly cheaper than the ones served at the Sanhak guest house.

Sanhak’s in-house restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, so if you don’t take meat, you can always ask the kitchen staff to cook you vegetarian meals.

Good sleep

I was satisfied with my private bedroom. There was a wardrobe, television, private bathroom, reading table and chair, fridge, bed linen and bathroom towels in my room. I believe all the other rooms also had the same things.

Air-conditioners are provided in every private room, including the dorms. Thank goodness for that. The weather can get really hot in Laos!

In terms of hygiene, the guest house is fairly clean. For a budget guest house, the cleanliness is satisfactory. I spent four nights there back in 2016, and slept well.

Warm hospitality

The staff are friendly and welcoming. If you need something, don’t hesitate to let them know. They speak English.


Khammouane, Laos
Somewhere close to the guest house

Will I stay there again?

Yes, I don’t mind staying there again. It’s one of the best budget guest houses in Laos! For that reason I will come back. Of course, I’ll have to return to Laos again. I seriously don’t mind visiting Laos for the second time. The country’s beautiful!

Sanhak guest house allows its guests to park their bicycles or motorbikes indoor. Some guests had their vehicles parked at the car park. That’s fine, too. The car park is spacious. There’s plenty of space for everyone.

The guest house also provides laundry service and room service, and pets are also welcomed to stay at the guest house.

And just a few kilometres away is a small shop where my travel buddy and I played pool with the locals.

Top 5 reasons to stay there:

  1. Best value
  2. Comfortable, clean and tidy
  3. Strategic location
  4. Spacious rooms
  5. Warm hospitality

My rating: 8.5/10

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