Simple And Peaceful Life in Batangas


I like this city in particular. It is a very nice city, with friendly and welcoming people. My best friend named Edwin lives here. He invited me to his house in Batangas for this year’s Christmas celebration. I decided to experience Christmas in the Philippines. I didn’t know what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in a country that practices Catholicism. I had so much fun here. Although the city is nothing like Manila, the people in Batangas live in a humble and peaceful life. It may be crowded, but I would rather walk around this city than Manila because Manila is a much bigger place.

During my visit to Batangas City, I had the chance to appreciate its nature and the people around me. I witnessed poverty here, and the things I saw here really inspired me to do charity. For your information, not everyone in Batangas is poor. I think we all should get rid of the stereotype. There are poor and rich people around the city. It’s okay to live in a simple and humble life. As for the poor, I hope life will be better for them in the future. I came across a bunch of homeless people under the bridge. When a man came and started giving out free food, they all rushed to him. It was a very sad thing to see, especially when knowing that I was there enjoying myself for a holiday, whilst some people have to go through hard times every day, searching for a better life. I should not feel sorry for myself. Instead, I should aspire to make a change.

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