Thailand Hotel Review: Sawasdee Banglumpoo Inn

banglumpoo inn

I stayed here recently, so I’d like to share my feedback on the guesthouse. Location wise, GREAT. I am glad that I stayed here because it is within Khaosan Road, where the great vibes & happening nightlife are. Finding it for the first time can be tricky as it is hidden inside a small, smelly alley – smells like cat’s pee. I won’t recommend this place to anyone who has problem dealing with that. I didn’t have any problem – I just had to close my nose, LOL.

Staff are very friendly. They speak fair English. No outside foods and drinks are allowed, but if you’re lucky, they won’t notice you bringing one. Pad Thai are just so cheap here. Sometimes my friends and I would just bring back some Pad Thai with us to the room. It’s much cheaper to buy it from the stalls than dining at the restaurants.

Our room was alright. TV has boring channels, so we didn’t turn it on after the first time. We were out most of the time & we had our own gadgets – we don’t need the TV. There is a small fridge in the room where a few cans of beers & bottles of mineral water are stored. We got our own drinks (sneaked them in)!

banglumpoo inn bangkok

The bathroom was alright. It’s pretty small but enough for us to do what we have to do. There is a sink in the bedroom where you can wash your face & a small makeup table. Make sure you bring your own travel adapter if you need one. I had to get one (not if you are using an iPhone or any related gadgets). There is a laundry place nearby, just on the right side after the reception counter.

The only thing I don’t really like about this place is the fact that the Internet is quite unreliable. They’ll give you a password for each gadget. So if you need to use your phone and your laptop, you’ll need two passwords. I was able to save a password on my laptop but not on my phone. I had to re-enter my password every time I was logged out. Both passwords didn’t last long too – two days only. After two days, you’ll have to request for a new one – sometimes you have to even pay for the Internet!

I’m a writer. Therefore, having reliable Internet connection is very important to me. If you don’t rely too much on it, this guesthouse wouldn’t cause you much worries. It is a pretty good place for travellers with a tight budget!

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