Vietnam Historical Site: A Trip to Chu Chi Tunnels

cu chi tunnels

I visited Cu Chi Tunnels in 2013. I heard so much about it and thought that I should come here to learn more about Vietnam history. So I bought a tour ticket and joined a group of other travellers who also bought theirs at Sinh Cafe Tour Company.

Our journey started at about 8AM. It took us about an hour to arrive at our destination. The tour guide in charge was very nice and friendly. He joked around most of the time and made everybody laugh. He introduced Cu Chi’s war history and showed us the kinds of booby traps made by the local people during the war. Oh my, they looked scary – and the thought of getting killed by them is even scarier. What a slow, painful death! Just imagine yourself getting killed by any one of those traps…dayum!

Vietnam Bomb Shells

I was really impressed by the things I saw there. I must say that I am impressed by the way the Vietnamese fought in the war and the tactics they used to beat their enemies were also pretty good. There is a shooting ground here. Visitors can do their first-time shooting here. From what I can remember, you pay for every bullet you use. I joined the others into extremely small tunnels. Gosh…I cannot believe people actually used to live in these tunnels; they’re so small! There are also some other holes that used to lead the Vietnamese into multiple tunnels. According to the guide, the holes were actually much smaller, but they were made bigger for the purpose of tourism. If you don’t like claustrophobic places, I don’t recommend you to enter the tunnels.

Sweet Potatoes Vietnam
After we ventured into the tunnels, we were given sweet potatoes. The Vietnam war survivors used to feed on sweet potatoes. With such amount of food, I wonder where did they get enough energy to battle? The tunnels were not built in a short period of time. It actually took the Vietnamese about 15 years to construct them – and hey, that’s a pretty long time!

If you’re interested to visit Cu Chi Tunnels, the entrance fee should be about VND50,000. The price might have increased, so do check with a local tour agent for more information. Have fun! 🙂

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