Vietnam Hotel Review: Sa Huynh Culture Hotel

sa hyunh

Sa Huynh Culture Hotel is a nice-looking hotel that caught my attention when I had my eyes wandering around, enjoying the hustle and bustle of a small town called Sa Huynh. It was almost 6pm when I reached the town, so I was looking for a place to crash in for the night after all. Sa Huynh is easily spotted due to its size. The hotel lobby itself is spacious, so is its car park, which I believe can accommodate more than 10 motorbikes.

The receptionist is a very friendly lady. She looks like a Thai woman, but she is definitely Vietnamese. She gave me Room 106. It’s a pretty spacious room too (not surprising!) and it’s got furniture like chairs, coffee table, dressing table, cupboard, a queen-sized bed, and many more. It comes with a mini fridge and a television too. The cool thing about staying in this room is that it is located just next to the balcony that faces the sea. What a view! In fact, all rooms are located on the west side of the hotel, away from the main road. Otherwise, guests won’t get a good night sleep. There are big lorries passing by every day and the honking noises from bike riders are endless. I thought that I would have a good night sleep that night, but I was wrong. Loud music was playing (it sounded like Karaoke) and I can hear my neighbours – they ‘screamed’ at each other. Fortunately the noise didn’t last long. That’s because most of the locals usually go to bed early.

Sa Huynh Culture Hotel
In the morning, they made noise again, and it was as early as 7am! That’s also because the sun rises up after 6am. People wake up early in the morning here. The noise didn’t last long too. Thank goodness! The sun woke me up. Although the windows are covered by big curtains, sunlight from the sun is strong enough to wake anyone up. Tips for guests: if you get a room next to the balcony, ask for a change if you don’t intend to be woken up by the morning sunlight. Loud sounds from the boats and ships at the sea can potentially wake you up too. They woke me up! If you don’t mind the noise and if the view is what matters the most to you (but you don’t want to be woken up too early by the sunlight), I suggest you get yourself an eye cover.

Sa Huynh Culture Hotel
I had a pleasant time here. Despite the noises, the hotel is still a comfortable place to stay. My neighbours were loud, but just for a while. The room also has got a really nice and spacious bathroom. It’s funny that there is a picture of an Indian actress on the wall. I thought that was so random. FREE WIFI is provided and the speed is pretty good. I managed to automatically connect my phone to the Internet, but as for my laptop, a WIFI password is required. As for the queen-sized bed in my room, it is very comfortable. Its bed sheet is made of good material (I can assure you that it’s soft!) and I can’t deny that the blanket and pillows are soft.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and family. It’s a great place for families and couples. I hope that the hotel will maintain their good service. If one is afraid of noises, let’s put it this way: it’s not as bad as staying in a place surrounded by bars. Should the neighbours play loud music at 10pm, just tell them to keep it down. Overall, this hotel is worth the value.

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